Housing Supports

CRC operates out of a community development or self-help model. We work to empower individuals and the community by various means. In our history, we have been involved in many projects that seek to help individuals discover their own innate power, their dignity and their skills.

Since the inception of the CRC, we have been committed to eradication of homelessness, and to that end we continue our efforts through our Housing Support Programs.

Project Connect

We work with people to find affordable housing in a very tight market or to help them keep their housing through supports, mediation or referral.

We connect with rooming house landlords to ensure a responsive relationship that meets the needs of both the landlord and the tenants.

Supporting Regent Park Residents through the Redevelopment

Living through change is difficult in the best of times. Those of us who have lived through a home renovation know that the noise, dust and inconvenience can be unbearable at times.

Now imagine a renovation as large as the one that Regent Park residents are living with. For many families, Regent Park isn’t just their home, it’s where they find their supports, many residents don’t have families and so their neighbours become their family. Having to move from their home to make way for the redevelopment creates complex loss for many.

CRC supports families and individuals through this redevelopment, allowing room to grieve the loss of their community as it is today, and inspire hope for what the community will become in the future. We work to ensure residents are treated respectfully when making decisions about where they will relocate to, continue contact with them while they are in other communities, and work with them to remain involved in discussions about the future plans for the Regent Park community.

When it is time to return to their new home, CRC plays a key role in welcoming and integrating them back into the newly emerging community!