Rooming Houses Program

Affordable housing according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is 80% of the average market rent in the City. In Toronto the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $900 per month, meaning it becomes affordable at $720 per month.

However those who try to live on Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program find that their shelter monthly component is only $369/$469 respectively for their rent. This means that for many, affordable housing isn’t really affordable.

At CRC, we work with rooming house owners to provide the most affordable housing available. Our goal is to house people, and to work with landlords and service providers to keep them housed.

Our staff members are skilled in mediation techniques and are able to provide landlords and tenants with resources and referrals that work to keep tenants housed.

We also provide overall management to a rooming house in the downtown area and we work with the tenants to ensure their needs are met.

And we work with the Rooming House Working Group to advocate in citywide partnerships for deeply affordable housing, notably in the rooming house sector.