40 Oaks – Community Hub

The CRC has an on-going commitment to build partnerships and work collaboratively with partner agencies.

To that end, we have worked to ensure the development of a Community Hub in 40 Oaks, which will provide shared spaces to community service organizations that offer a range of support such as language instruction, job training, after-school programs and drop-in groups.

The Hub brings together both not-for-profit organizations and grassroots voluntary services whose work will serve to a) create opportunities for social inclusion and cohesion b) provide accessible services c) strengthen the work of each agency or group d) provide opportunity for program collaboration, and e) reduce collective overhead so more resources can go into programs.

This is a new concept, not just for CRC but also for the community as a whole. Never before has an organization within Regent Park attempted to provide space for multi-services under one roof, allowing community members to access a multitude of services within one facility. It’s a bold, new and progressive step forward.

And CRC is well equipped to do this. Historically we have been the home for emerging enterprises and programs and have provided an incubation space for many that have gone on to independence. The Hub is an expansion of this model and a continuation of this history and a warm and inviting environment for all people, where all residents of Regent Park can create vibrant connections.