Community Engagement

Sunday in the Park

CRC, along with other partner agencies, residents, and volunteers, organizes an annual summer festival, Sunday in the Park. Thousands of people came to enjoy an impressive line-up of local entertainers, children’s performers, food vendors, market places, raffle prizes and a large community barbeque. This much awaited, daylong event is a time where we all come together to meet one another and celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the Regent Park community.


In addition to meeting the needs of the community through our various programs, the CRC also advocates for legislative change to make the lives of those who experience poverty better.

Poverty reduction, affordable housing, social assistance reviews, accessible and safe childcare and access to food are the issues CRC is concerned about. We work with other social service agencies, and community members to champion change. Our efforts are heard at a multitude of levels, locally, provincially and federally.

These persistent advocacy efforts compliment and enhance the programs and services of the CRC.

Asset Mapping Research Project

The CRC’s Asset Mapping Research Project is an action research project which brings participants together locally to share their assets (skills, talents, gifts, abilities, interests, experiences, knowledge and dreams) and other resources in order to build individual and community capacity.

Shelter residents and other marginally housed people are asked to express their assets (as everyone has assets) to others in similar circumstances in their community. Asset-Based Community Development puts people’s futures in their own hands by mapping and mobilizing their strengths.